Interpreter of Falls with a thud


Three mornings ago I had a fall. Not the phrasal pride going for a fall or the falling in love (how I wish!).  The fall where we lose our physical balance and land on the surface with a thud. I remember my falling down in slow motion. I felt every second and helplessly thought how I could defy gravity. I looked around to hold onto something but to no avail. My hands were filled with my gizmos without which I am helpless while I jog. It was a great thud. I chafed the right dorsal and elbow and got minor bruises on my left knee. I got up. Looked around. Collected my pair of specs, iPod, iPhone and my senses before I walked back home. Barring my senses, everything was functioning fine and without a scratch , talk about they being fragile! There was nobody on the track then. It wasn’t such a big deal too considering the fact that I could get up and be back on my toes right away.

I don’t remember having any memories of falling down ever as an adult; even the childhood ones are bleak. This fall got me physical wounds but also reminded me of the times when people I knew closely fell down and how it had an impact on me. Those sublime learnings took a manifestation finally when I went heading down the bricky track! Here are my interpretations and all the learnings – some that I have conquered, some that I hopefully will and some that I doubt I ever will.

Pride: Your pride is at stake when you fall down. Not one, but two of my very good friends from two completely different groups asked me “did somebody see you fall?”  Of course it was all in jest. But that is one thing you notice. I did look around too. And was happy to see only I saw it happen. Why do we take it as a humiliation? I need to still find an answer to it. [TO BE CONQUERED]

Honour:  So a few years ago when my dad fell down as he tried to dribble a stray football in a park I was upset. Not as much as for that I couldn’t help him since I was just behind him (bad reflexes that I have!) but more so as I had never seen him lose his balance ever. He was perfect. Someone who had a gait of a lion. Who has ever seen a lion fall down?  It however taught me that daddy’s are humans too. Spiderman does lose his grip sometimes but he will always be Spiderman! [CONQUERED]

Fear/Phobia: I witnessed a friend’s foot getting tangled to a chain-barrier as she was crossing over it. She fell right on her face. Ever since that day, which happened nearly two decades ago, I have a fear of such chain-barriers.  No matter how low they are to the surface I would rather skip crossing over them. The very thought of it is making me nervous now. [CAN NEVER BE CONQUERED]

Health:  I remember my mother telling me a few months ago, based on facts that people tend to start falling down more as they age due to a deficiency of a vitamin – was it B-complex? Only, if I had heard it better then because once she starts talking science I just try to grasp the essence and skip the technicalities and I confess I can’t tell one vitamin from the other! Which now means that I will be asking her to repeat herself on this subject (which she would be happy too like always!) and I would listen carefully this time! My diet needs modifying. [TO BE CONQUERED]

Mental: I must be thinking something! That is what I do usually – live in my vicarious world and play situations in my head that will most likely never happen in the real world. Not the superstar ones where I am dancing on the stage and have a frenzied audience but the ones where I have smart answers to everything and smart reactions to every situation! Pretty realistic but still a dream! Time to shake off the thoughts and replace them with practical ones. I can’t see myself falling down over them! [TO BE CONQUERED]

Philosophical: The crux- I am catching up with age. Strangely, all my mirrors lie. But this is a sign that my reflexes are getting poorer – the shoes are the same, the jogging track is the same. Time to toy with the idea that got planted this morning by my brother who, unaware that  I had a fall (pity he is not on my Snapchat!), suggested that I should try dancing as it is the best form of exercise. I need to give this a thought. My chances of falling down with a thud are less in this exercise forma. I will skip ballet anyway – my body is too rigid for it! [NEARLY CONQUERED]

Astrological: I fell down on a Saturday and my mother, who balances her life between uber modernity and unbelievable superstitiousness, was not too pleased when I recounted my “great” fall over the phone to her. It could be a sheer coincidence that most of the time we, the family, have a great fall it usually happens on a Saturday. She fell off a cycle in a cycle shop  on a Saturday herself about 6 months ago as she unwillingly mounted a new cycle to choose for me simply because I couldn’t do it myself as I was wearing a skirt! My daughter, again on a Saturday, had a bad fall from a cycle 2-3 years ago. I did go to the temple that evening to appease Lord Saturn for something I don’t know what I had caused his fury about. [NO COMMENTS]

What all one fall can do! Talk about Newton! 🙂