An ode to our home-grown Disney store


So for all those who enjoyed reading or watching Indian mythology like me as a child or as a grown up and wished that they were transported to the ancient magical world where they would come across holy saints and mystics who would offer you from nowhere a mysterious potion containing fresh herbs from the jungles to cure you of your just about any ailment then you would realize that this has finally turned into a reality! Transportation is of course still faraway from turning in a reality but the rest mentioned above all exists…with a little alterations. The ancient setting has been modified to suit the modern environment.  The magical saint that you would have met then can now be only seen on the posters and boards of his stores as you step in. Welcome to Baba Ramdev’s world of magical products – both edible and non.

Patanjali: a grown-up’s Disney store.  My eyes glitter as soon as I step into any Patanjali store across the country.  It is akin to a child entering a Disney store. Both take you to the happy world of magic from where you can take back home one or several pieces of magic, of course at a price. The two differences being that a Disney store has expensive merchandise and its merchandise only brings you imaginative pleasure. Patanjali products whereas, assure you of magical results. Name any body part from head to toe– internal or external- which is  a source of concern for you! And there you go, you will find a remedy! A one-stop shop for all your health and beauty problems. And instead of the label at the back of the product spelling out the chemicals used in its ingredients, this one has the names of herbs! And boy, don’t you feel organic!

So when a friend asked me recently where she could get fresh wheat grass from, I thought it was a very absurd question! She should have known! Oh yes, they have a clinic too.

This is hoping that it continues to remain like this forever – an affordable magic store for one and all. Why just a child, even grown-ups should believe in magic.

(My 10-year old daughter just read this above and asked me if I have been paid to write this! It now sounds as if it is a paid writing but No, this is just an overgrown child who still believes in magic! And my daughter, she has finally grown up! 🙂 )

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