ignorance is bliss


(pic courtesy: https://agapegeek.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/ignorance-is-bliss.jpg)

So what do you do when you have to undergo a medical treatment, and that too the mother of all treatments and you have good two weeks to prep yourself? Yes, you prepare your body as you know it won’t be the same, at least for sometime. You also prepare yourself mentally, which is the most difficult of all. Yup, diet, exercise, visits to the doctor and try to do all those things that you would do in your daily routine. But what you should never never do is Google. Google, the synonym of all the search engines on the Internet, is best kept away in such situations.

Google and all the search engines are a blessing but in other times. They are indeed very handy and save you the trouble of physically going to someplace else to get the information. But medical information on any subject should have restricted rights. Alternative therapies are okay. They are more like home remedies!

Like in the good old days, you should be happy with your doctor’s advise (even if the doctors now are not like the ones in the good old days! It is a commercial world now!) and do as he says. The research should get over after you have researched upon the doctor! Leave the rest on him.

There is no end to googling. One search page leads to another and then another. And before you even know you are nowhere near the main subject you began at. And if you happen to come across a big word you know you are next looking for it! So, my relative, who is otherwise a tough-nut-to-crack kind of person, is now getting jitters, which he explains as preparing himself for the ultimate! His research has told him exactly how many doses of radiation he should be getting every time! In fact he calculated it himself! For someone who had no idea about any medicine until a few weeks ago now tried negotiating (much to doctor’s invisible ire) the amount of radiation dose he should be getting every time. Not just the doses, he also knows about the upcoming monstrous and inevitable side effects. Those side effects that we knew were monstrous enough from the doctor’s mouth but now know, courtesy Google, exactly what the monster looks like in detail.

Ignorance is indeed bliss but now that we have gone past the ignorance stage it is best to get our weapons ready to face the monster with all our might!


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