Invite Me Not


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I do admit that I did sulk about not getting invited to a friend’s wedding a few months ago of which I was sure I would. I even knew I was returning to the town that very evening and was planning in my head how I would reach from the airport to the wedding venue just in time! Well, the invitation never came.

And that is when the whole definition of friendship crumbled. So this friend was a friend in a different sense altogether, nevertheless a friend. We didn’t go to school or college together or even worked together. We met through a common friend and over the years kept in touch through phone calls and later on as Facebook took over, the calls got replaced by commenting on Facebook posts, pictures and status messages. We were still friends, weren’t we?

So I wondered for a long time what stopped her from inviting me? Was it a way to imply-hey buddy, you are just a virtual friend now and there is no place for you in my real world? Were we even friends really I think now. There is no other explanation. And the whole thing on Facebook doing ‘awww’ and ‘we should meet’ is so farcical!

However, the good that came out of all this was that I began to appreciate two other almost non-existent virtual friends (of which I have just met one only once) who invited me for their weddings many years ago. I didn’t attend them and never thought it was such a big deal…then! I don’t remember even apologising for not attending them!

Rejection makes you open your eyes and I am glad this one did. I hope to look at all the invitations avidly now going forward.

And if I am on the other side of the court, playing hostess, I will pay attention to my real-turned-virtual friends and send them invitations too. No more, to invite or not to invite dilemma!

(p.s. I am not sulking any longer!)

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